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Summer Missed-Guide

8 Cut From Summer Guide '11



Eight features that didn’t fit in our Summer Guide 2011:

8. “So You’ve Graduated: Sprucing Up Your New Home in Mom’s Garage”

7. “The EZ Transition From Winter Cargo Shorts to Summer Cargo Shorts”

6. “Don’t Stop Believin’: An Exclusive Interview With Journey’s Bass Player”

5. “Nine Nearly-Edible Vegan BBQ Recipes”

4. “On the Road With Sarah Palin in The Constitution’s Birthplace: Tooele”

3. “Choosing the Right Banana Hammock For Your Body Type”

2. “Sun 101: Tanning Tips From Hyper-Pale Journalists”

1. “A Guide to City Weekly’s 11 More Guides Coming This Summer”

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