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Sundance-Adjacent Parties

Eight lesser-known sponsored events happening around the 2011 Sundance Film Festival:


8. The Keystone Beer Chill-Out Lounge, hosted by Keith Stone and Oliver Stone.

7. The Microsoft Bing Internet Cafe/Bing Is a Search Engine Awareness Center.

6. Hyundai Presents: Hop In a Sonata and Run the Heater for Two Minutes.

5. Ed Hardy’s Punch a Jersey Shore Cast Member in the Neck dance club.

4. The Oprah Winfrey Network’s “Here’s $20 to Please Watch OWN” screening room.

3. The Mountain Dew Xtreme Stream Zone free drink dispensary and urinal trough.

2. The 12-Foot Radius Where You Might Get Cell Reception, presented by AT&T.

1. City Weekly’s “Sneak a Frozen PBR” booth on Main Street.


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