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Super or Not



It seems the Legislature agrees with John Saltas about those red-light running, clove-smoking, latte-sipping, menace-tosociety jackass bicyclists [“Future Dead People,” Private Eye, Jan. 28, City Weekly]— as do I. But you know what they say: There are old bicyclists and bold bicyclists, but there aren’t any old bold bicyclists.

Was the perp wearing the skin-tight suit and plastic helmet? (I get a chuckle when seeing them in their Lance Armstrongwannabe outfits.)

As for Saltas not having superhero powers—or having superhero powers, depending on whether or not one catches his slip-up in a later paragraph—most who read his column regularly might disagree/agree.

I’m guessing he is just being modest, and a bit contradictory, since most times he casually disguises his superhero power. I find his column the most enjoyable reading when he has a colorful burr under his saddle.

Ross McCollin
South Salt Lake

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