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Support Gay Students



This week’s cover story [“Dishonor Code,” July 8, City Weekly] on the challenges facing LGBT students at BYU underscored the contrast between that school and the one where I teach, Utah’s “other” private institution of higher education, Westminster College.

A recent Westminster advertising campaign proclaimed, “Who you love should have no bearing on how you learn,” and LGBT students here are supported through an active Allies program and an LGBT student organization, Alphabet Soup.

By policing the sexuality of its students, BYU, on the other hand, seems to be interfering with their learning. The time students spend writing repeated essays for the Honor Code Office to apologize for their sexuality would better be spent engaging with substantive ideas—concepts that will free them to do work in the world rather than constrain and discriminate against them.

Christopher LeCluyse
Associate professor of English
Westminster College

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