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Susaeta's Whine Effect



I read with mixed emotion the letter from Micheal Susaeta in the June 25 issue [“Tell a Real Story for Real People”]. I was torn between anger and sorrow: Anger that this society is raising such a bunch of undereducated and pathetic persons. Sorrow that he is too undereducated and pathetic to realize what he is.

The depth of his ignorance is stated in the first paragraph, where he rails about the cost of “your massive goodies advertised.” The newspaper is free because it charges for advertising, you dolt. I am sure if it cost 10 cents, you would complain that it was not free.

As a retired person living on a fixed income, I can appreciate the need for affordable entertainment. The mountains are free and the rivers are free—most important things in life are free, if you are willing to look for them. The only other portion of his diatribe will comment on is the “whine effect” of someone who expects us to feel sorry for his plight. Clean up your language, clean up your mind, and for heaven’s sake, cut back on whatever drug you’re obviously spending your money on.

Roger Strand
Park City