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Taggart's Worth the Trip


After reading Ted Scheffler’s review of Taggart’s Grill [“Roadside Attraction,” Sept. 23, City Weekly], I have been torn between not responding in order to not draw more attention to the review or adding my own 2 cents. Obviously, I felt compelled to go with the 2 cents.

Being a former restaurant owner and a present-day customer of Taggart’s, I felt the article went beyond your normal food critique, bordering on a personal grudge. There is a reason for comments posted on the Internet review sites that call it the “best restaurant in Utah” or say that it is “definitely worth the drive.” The fact that it is always extremely busy should speak for itself.

My hat is off to any restaurant that takes the time—something precious in the business—to make its desserts, bread, and so forth from scratch. It’s not the same pre-packaged, predictable items you find on most menus, and having sampled many of the desserts myself, you won’t want to walk out without taking one home with you.

The comment about it usually being noisy inside as a result of the children is ludicrous. It’s the same amount of noise you can find in Market Street Grill, Cafe Pierpont, Red Rock Brewing Company, Red Iguana or any other great restaurant. People make noise, and when there are a lot of people ... there’s noise.

All in all, Taggart’s Grill boasts great food, beautiful surroundings and a wonderful destination point. Put it on your list if you haven’t visited it yet.

Elaine Stoddard
Salt Lake City

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