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Take a Stand for Veterans, CW



I have not seen any news coverage on your site as far as giving veterans job opportunities or covering the fact that veterans are having a hard time finding jobs and even homes.

I believe that the more people and employers realize that there is a problem, the more willing they are to help. If people don’t know there is a problem, how can anyone expect them to fix it?

I have recently moved here and found that it has been very difficult for fellow soldiers and veterans to find job opportunities. According to KSL.com, unemployment among U.S. veterans is 3 percent higher than the regular population. They have covered the story, and I was wondering why there is no “talk” on your site.

I was thinking that you could cover job fairs that are strictly catered to veterans, or you could sponsor events or even create events for veterans. I believe that veterans have sacrificed their lives for this country, and it is just not right that there are so many out there who are homeless, hungry and jobless. Someone needs to take a stand and realize that they are not only veterans—they are heroes of this country.

Verissa Lee