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Talking Wales: Finding Sir Formidor

April 21-24



For the fourth time, Utah Contemporary Theatre and writer Mike Dorrell are taking a theatrical visit to the playwright’s native stomping grounds of Wales. There’s no reason to believe that this time around won’t be just as compelling—and it’s easier than ever for you to see for yourself.

Talking Wales: Finding Sir Formidor finds four characters connected by the fictional titular knight—a reclusive American actress, a Welsh farmer, a detective inspector and a young heavy-metal fan. As with the previous Talking Wales productions, it’s made up of individual monologues, the stories intertwining in sometimes unexpected ways as they explore the mythology and fascination with oral tradition that makes its setting unique. Earlier incarnations of Talking Wales have demonstrated Dorrell’s talent for creating multifaceted characters, and the cast for this production—including talented local performers like Brenda Cowley and Tobin Atkinson—offers even more likelihood of a terrific evening of theater.

Plus, this time around you have nothing to risk but a little of your time. Utah Contemporary Theatre has announced its intention to become an all-free-productions company, beginning with Talking Wales. Simply call to reserve your seating, and catch a night of inventive storytelling from one of Salt Lake City’s most original writing voices for no more than the cost of parking your car. 

Talking Wales: Finding Sir Formidor @ Rose Wagner Center Black Box Theatre, 138 W. 300 South, 801-886-3019, April 21-23, 7:30 p.m. & April 24, 2 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. Limited free seating.

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