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Tax Dreams


What would you like to see your taxes used for?

Kolbie Stonehocker: Comprehensive sex education in public schools.

Dan Nailen: Free parking downtown at all times for residents of Salt Lake City proper.

Derek Carlisle: A new government that knows how to use tax dollars.

Jesse Fruhwirth: I want a government issued, no-fee debit card. If cash is becoming obsolete—and it is—there should be government service to replace it.

Susan Kruithof: A college education or trade-school certification for every person who wants it.

Rachel Piper: FrontRunner trains that come every 30 seconds so that I’m never late, workdays with built-in post-lunch siestas ... oh, and literacy programs, libraries and education.

Bryan Bale: More education, and fewer munitions.  Greater equality, and fewer restrictions on immigration.  More protection for consumers against unethical business practices, and no more Wall Street bailouts.  More clean energy research, and no more incentives for environmentally harmful practices.

Scott Renshaw:
Anything that serves the greatest good, rather than just lines someone’s pocket.

Pete Saltas: I thought GE proved we don’t have to pay taxes?

Sarah Kramer: Health care might be nice.

Eric S. Peterson: Pizza for lunch every day and chocolate milk in the drinking fountains. Oh, and also publicly financed campaigns for elections at all levels of government.

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