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Tax Kids, Not Sins


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Sin is in the eye of the beholder, certainly, but sometimes, is it also in the womb? “Sin taxes” are intended to discourage certain behaviors, like smoking, that have dark sides. Other possible taxable sins are high-calorie fast foods, alcohol, gambling, and, one online reader suggests, “too many kids.” [see “I Love Cigarettes,” City Weekly, Jan. 13].

Many think a “kid tax” is sacrilegious and Communist-inspired, and the tax, not the children, is the sin. One could make an argument that seizing tax dollars from your neighbor to educate your baker’s-dozen brood is sinful, but online commenter beckyallan sees something else.

“Even having too many kids can be a health risk to your body,” beckyallan wrote.

Indeed, there are life-threatening risks with being pregnant.

Rant Control, who is childless and—God permitting—will remain that way, always thought the biggest sin involved in child bearing is narcissism. Rather than devote one’s time and treasure to the entire world of despair, many create the nearest things to cultural and genetic facsimiles of themselves who are brand-new bundles of need added to our already-too-needy world.

I’m being way too harsh; you only live once, after all. You want a kid, have one. Birth a football team. Get out your hottest pornography, germinate those babies, and have a cigarette afterward. Just remember what Jesus (almost) said: He who is sinless may support the first sin tax.