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Terror on Wheels


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I can’t thank you enough, City Weekly, for your thoughtful and balanced articles and editorializing about the menace of those “latte-sipping” bicyclists [“Future Dead People,” Private Eye, Jan. 28, City Weekly]!

Your diligent campaign against these fiends is no doubt making the streets safer for all of us carbon spewing, cell-phoneabusing motorists who have suffered so under their wave of terror. After all, the last thing that Salt Lake City needs is a nonpolluting, health-promoting alternative form of transportation.

Much, however, remains to be done.

With the power of your voice, you can help promote construction of new coal-fired power plants and help bring an end to this heretical conspiracy of “Global Warming.”

And for those readers not clear on the concept of sarcasm: Just as in a recent edition of the Slowpoke cartoon, we are laughing at you, not with you.

Dan Taylor


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