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Thank You

Who or what would you thank for influencing who you are today?



Who or what would you thank for influencing who you are today?

Scott Renshaw: My grandmother, who bought my first piece of writing for a quarter when I was 5. The parents who loved and supported me even when I drifted from the path they might have seen for me. The people who taught me to be a critical thinker, both in person and through their writing.

Carly Fetzer: My brother David, who stirred up the creativity and motivation in me by doing everything from improvising a night-time tale at my bedside when I was a kid to starting his own theater company.

Paula Saltas: Without being corny, I’ll say John Saltas. He always stresses to our kids to communicate and say what is on their minds and to never give up, which are good life lessons for people to live by daily. I’ll start tomorrow.

Colin Wolf:
I was lucky to have quite a few influential things in my life, most importantly: television. As Homer Simpson once said: “That’s how I was raised and I turned out TV.”

Paydn Augustine: When I was younger, I skateboarded a lot and always wanted to make designs for skate decks. After that, I wanted to start making shirts and then go into abstract art and fine arts. If I had to give gratitude to a few people, it’d be Jamie Hewlett, Josh Homme and Charlie Chaplin. A strange brew to be sure.

Kolbie Stonehocker: Watching Star Wars, playing with Legos and reading Harry Potter as a kid helped me realize I was a geek. I get my wheat/dairy allergies, dorky sense of humor and goofiness from my mom. 

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