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The Arsonist, Better Off Ted, Malificent

New DVD/VOD releases Tuesday, Nov. 4


The Arsonist (MTI)
  • The Arsonist (MTI)

The Arsonist
When a sharp detective (Julie Benz) is charged with arson and her son's murder, she's kicked off the police force, thus freeing up her time to find the real fire-starter/killer. Obviously, the bad guy didn't think this caper through at all. Dumbass. (MTI)

Better Off Ted: Season 2
It only took four years, but the second season of one of the best comedies ever canceled is finally on DVD (even though it's already been available on several streaming platforms). Blame Fox, who finally just gave it to an indie. (Olive Films)

Dads: The Complete Series
Maybe part of the deal was that Olive Films also had to release Fox's Dads, one of the worst comedies ever canceled, starring Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi as two actors who showed up and collected a check for 19 weeks. (Olive Films)

In the second(!) Hercules flick of 2014, Herc (Dwayne Johnson) becomes a mercenary for hire—until he's asked to defend the kingdom from an evil warlord, which requires him to become A Hero once again. Needed two of these, huh? (Paramount)

In the previously untold story of the villainess (Angelina Jolie) from Sleeping Beauty, we learn that she's really just a misunderstood, wronged woman who used to be good at heart. And yet you know Jennifer Aniston still ain't buying it. (Disney)

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