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The Beer Issue

Celebrating brewers, breweries and the Utah Beer Festival.

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Phantastic Phlavor!
Get to know phantasm with Beer Phest, a new IPA from Bewilder Brewing and City Weekly.
By Benjamin Wood

Beer world is all abuzz over phantasm, a new, fruit-forward beer ingredient that is increasingly beoming the rage in home- and craft brewing circles.

Made from freeze-dried Sauvignon Blanc grapes, phantasm powder delivers a blast of thiols, which in turn boosts the tropical notes and aromas of a brew, creating the haziest of hazies, and the juiciest of juicies

Utahns can get their own taste of phantasm with the launch of Beer Phest, an IPA created in partnership by Bewilder Brewing and City Weekly.

"If I want to get super technical, I may be more inclined to call it a 'Strong Pale Ale' than an IPA," said Bewilder co-brewmaster Cody McKendrick, "just due to the bitterness not being really in IPA territory."

McKendrick described Beer Phest as having a passion fruit-forward flavor. The beer commemorates the Utah Beer Festival, which will hold its 12th annual event on Aug. 20-21 at The Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City.

"I think this beer is tasting great," McKendrick said.

Beer Phest joins previous specialty beers launched in partnership with City Weekly, including Private Eye Pale Ale from Fisher Brewing and a collaboration with Squatters Brewing for the paper's 25th anniversary in 2009.

"City Weekly is excited to partner with one of our good friends in the brewery world, Bewilder, in producing a specialty beer for our 12th annual Utah Beer Festival," said City Weekly publisher Pete Saltas. "We're looking forward to the feedback from our attendees on one of the hottest new flavors hitting the craft beer market in Phantasm. Cheers!"