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The Border is Going Away



Gov. Herbert, why don’t you just come out and tell the people the truth about the so-called “illegal immigrants”? They are not here for cheap labor, and they are not here to vote for Democrats.

They are here because of the very evil government that we have, and its plan to eliminate the border between Mexico and the United States. That is the real reason for this problem. Gov. Herbert, you know that this is the plan—every politician knows this and so does every church. The only problem now is telling the American people this.

If they succeed in doing this—and I believe they will because we have been silenced—then we will lose our country. The government that we support and pay for has turned against us, big time.

Americans, if you are OK with this evil plan, then go right back to your American Idol and rap music.

I, for one, am going into hiding. I am sure Herbert and his thugs will be looking for me because I have written a letter with the truth on it, and we know how he hates that.

Tom Jenkins