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The Campaign, Americano

New DVDs Tuesday, Oct. 30


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The Campaign - WARNER BROS.
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The Campaign
A long-term idiot congressman (Will Ferrell) is finally challenged when rich CEOs decide to back a new idiot (Zach Galifianakis); mudslinging, home-wrecking, baby-punching and generally filthy hilarity ensue. Go, politics! (Warner Bros.)

After learning of his estranged mother’s death, Martin (Mathieu Demy) travels to Los Angeles to learn more about her. The first thing he finds out? She was having an affair with a Tijuana stripper (Salma Hayek). See what you missed, junior? (MPI)

A Christmas Story 2
In the least-necessary sequel ever conceived, Ralphie is now five years older and wants a car, and none of the original cast (most of whom are mercifully dead) are along for the ride. Yes, this really got made, Virginia. (Warner Bros.)

Metalocalypse: Season 4
Dethklok record and release the album that will save the global economy, only to lose all of the copies and start over to prevent the Metalocalypse—yes, there is a story behind all of this. Oh, and Dr. Rockso is back! (Adult Swim)

Safety Not Guaranteed
Magazine employees (Parks & Rec’s Aubrey Plaza, New Girl’s Jake Johnson) investigate a classified ad placed by a man (The League’s Mark Duplass) who says he can time-travel. Hey, it’s more plausible than a “magazine” with “employees.” (Film District)

More New DVD Releases (Oct. 30)
Bindlestiffs, Coma, Copper: Season 1, Elena, First Position, Polisse, Reef 2: High Tide, Ruby Sparks, Stealing Summers, Trading Christmas, Twisted Sister: A Twisted Xmas—Live in Las Vegas

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