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The Disappearing Lake



Nobody seems to be paying attention to the giant body of saltwater sitting a little west of the city.

Great Salt Lake Minerals has applied for 353,000 additional acre-feet of water rights to be taken from the north arm of the Great Salt Lake. Currently, Great Salt Lake Minerals holds 156,000 acrefeet of consumptive water rights within the lake, as well as an additional 67,000 acre-feet of water rights in Bear River Bay. The removal of 353,000 acre-feet will cause a 3.5 foot drop in the lake level, resulting in coyotes eating pelicans on Gunnison Island, no more birdwatching, no more sailboat racing, nasty-ass toxic dust, Antelope Island not so much of an island anymore—not to mention less lake to give lake-effect weather.

Who thinks this is a good idea?

Kristin Pierce
Salt Lake City