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The Earth Day 8

Eight ways The Ocho is observing Earth Day 2010.



8. Spending consumer dollars on only Earth-produced goods and services.

7. Recycling the dozens of Iron Man 2 Slurpee cups currently in backseat of car.

6. Except for the Scarlett Johansson/Black Widow cup— that’s a keeper.

5. Xeriscaping area in backyard where guns are buried and hidden from the guv’ment.

4. Using aluminum bottle at desk for vodka … er, water! It’s just water. Really.

3. Thinking about bicycling to the office, but then opting to work from home.

2. Thinking about working from home, but then opting for nap to conserve electricity.

1. Using green numerals to the left instead of energy-sucking yellow digits.

Bill Frost: