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S.T.E.A.M.punk Academy Adult Science Fair, Woodward Park City Lift-Served Mountain Biking, Virtual Huntsman Sportsfest, adn more.


  • Steampunk Academy

S.T.E.A.M.punk Academy Adult Science Fair
It sometimes seems that kids get to have all the fun. This spring, plenty of parents faced the challenges of facilitating their kids' remotely-instructed schoolwork—and as challenging as it was for many, they also got a reminder of the interesting things that can be part of learning. For example, when was the last time you got to think about designing and constructing an experiment?

For any adult who has an urge to re-create that sense of scientific exploration, S.T.E.A.M.punk Academy invites you to join in a summer-long Adult Science Fair. Instead of building a volcano, maybe you want to find out if there's a perfect hangover remedy. Or instead of a potato battery, you'd like to test if there's a real taste difference between brand-name products and their generic alternatives. Spend time formulating a plan, then spend your free time this summer getting your project ready for a showcase of all the completed projects—complete with the classic trifold display—in September.

The Adult Science Fair kicks off this week with a live event at Kiitos Brewing (608 W. 700 South) on Thursday, June 18, 6-9 p.m., where organizers will provide guidelines for what your experiment should look like. Those who feel less comfortable in a group setting during the pandemic are welcome to follow along with the event remotely via S.T.E.A.M.punk Academy's Facebook events page ( Hook up with some friends, ponder a question you've always wondered about getting the answer to, then have some fun being the one who actually finds that answer. (Scott Renshaw)

  • Justin Olsen

Woodward Park City Lift-Served Mountain Biking
Those who have taken seriously the call to avoid other people as much as possible during this pandemic haven't had a lot of options available for avoiding stir-craziness. The timing of the crisis allowed people the chance to get out and take walks, but Utah's great outdoors call to folks as summer rolls around, and there are indeed ways to get out into the world that both allow for much-needed physical activity and maintain safety.

On June 14, Woodward Park City opened the state's newest lift-served mountain biking trails, with three trails currently open and BMX dirt jumps available for later opening as conditions allow. "Lift-served mountain biking plays a big role in how Utah families recreate," says Shaydar Edelmann, general manager of Woodward Park City in a press releases. "Operating our chairlift for summer mountain biking is our next step in empowering and inspiring the next generation of action sports athletes throughintuitive programming and innovative environments."

Several zones and services in the indoor Action Sports Hub have also opened to the public, including five Olympic fly-bed trampolines and two SuperTramps, Woodward Park City's parkour zone, gym floor, and indoor airbags. Woodward Park City has instituted health screenings and safety procedures for staff and guest, including a short verbal medical screening, regular cleaning and disinfecting of facilities, social distancing, and recommended face coverings for all visitors when practical. Visit for operating hours and rates, and take particular opportunity of the chance to get out into the fresh air of the real world. (SR)


Virtual Huntsman Sportsfest
It's likely that during this pandemic mayhem, different priorities have been set. Hopefully, mental and physical health have risen to a top spot. This year, the Huntsman Cancer Foundation has created a way for those priorities to become centered and community-based.

This virtual fest raises funds for cancer research—and this year, you can participate from wherever you are. You can run, walk, cycle, or even participate in a Netflix marathon to help this community effort June 19-20, with a $12-$25 registration at "Participants can expect a fun, inspiring day of completing their virtual activity while spreading the word and raising funds for research at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI). Tune into the opening ceremonies [June 19], and watch throughout the day on Saturday as we do live virtual check-ins, hear from doctors and patients at HCI, and cheer each other on as we cross the virtual finish line!," says Raegan Erickson, HCI's event coordinator, via email.

Although everything feels odd and separated right now, this event allows our community to come together for a great cause. Every dollar of the funds raised will go toward research toward more effective treatments, relieving patient pain and helping their treatments be as comfortable as possible. During this virtual community event, you'll be able to connect via social media. Tag @HuntsmanCancerInstitute and @HuntsmanHeroes on your social media platforms to show how you're participating. With everything being so uncertain it's nice to know there are still ways to build and assist our community. "Come together" and help Utahans support this worthy cause. (Kara Rhodes)


Cotopaxi "Seize the Día" Questival
The "get outdoors and do stuff" spirit of much of this week's Essentials column continues, as Salt Lake City-based outdoor gear company Cotopaxi presents the latest installment of its annual Questival event. Not surprisingly, given current events and the need for safety, the 2020 "Seize the Día" event will be entirely virtual, allowing teams of one-to-six participants a chance to participate in a grand scavenger hunt-style competition while maintaining social distance.

In the spirit of the summer solstice, Seize the Día will allow participants to seize a whole lot of daylight, as the event runs from 3 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. local time on Saturday, June 20. Registered participants will receive a list from Cotopaxi of challenges to be completed within the allotted 18-and-a-half hour time frame, as teams from around the country attempt to finish as many of them as possible for a chance to win great Cotopaxi prizes. In keeping with the company's focus, those challenges typically have an outdoor activities focus, whether that means mountain biking, finding a field of wildflowers, or perhaps cooking something up in your own backyard—all while chronicling the tasks' completion with the appropriate photo evidence.

Registration is $10 per person at And in case you needed an additional motivation, a portion of every registration ticket will be donated to the International Red Cross's Crisis Response Fund to help fight COVID-19. Combine your competitive spirit with a chance to glory in a full day of Utah's great outdoors, all while supporting an important cause. (SR)