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The Feast Within, Fancy Ramen, Greek City Grill


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City Weekly’s consummate techno-computer geek Bryan Mannos found a food blog worth sharing. He writes: “The old adage goes that you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. When it comes to neighbors, a little bit of karma must get thrown into the mix. I may have had a say in choosing my house, but when it comes to the quality of neighbors I wound up with, I must have been a supremely soft bunny that gave amazing amounts to joy to all who rubbed me in a past life. So, when having a recent discussion with my groovy neighbors Rick & Gabi, it was casually mentioned that Gabi had started a food blog a while back ( Just when I thought my cooking ego was satiated with last night’s beef stew, I saw the goings-on next door through the window of this brilliantly done Website. Gabi regularly posts stories based around expertly illustrated recipes that are honest and uncomplicated, yet elegant and strangely perfect. I’ve come to terms with knowing such deliciousness goes on in such close proximity to my abode, but I do admit, I hide that random fast-food bag on the way into my home.”

City Weekly classified sales rep Julie Erickson has some advice for sprucing up ramen. She writes: After eating plain ramen noodles my entire life, I have been introduced to a new way to spruce up that 10-cent package of noodles. Simply sauté some chicken, green onions, garlic and jalapeños. Then, add the ramen noodles, water and half of the seasoning packet. Cook until the noodles are soft. Enjoy!

City Weekly dining editor Ted Scheffler has discovered the power of the D-Will: “In my opinion, Greek City Grill (6165 Highland Drive, 801-277-2355) serves up Utah’s best gyros. But, one can’t live on gyros alone. So, I suggest also getting your lips around the delicious D-Will sandwich at Greek City. It’s named for Utah Jazz player Deron Williams, who stops by the eatery on occasion, and features grilled white chicken meat, red pepper hummus, fresh veggies and crumbled feta cheese, all wrapped up in soft, warm pita bread. It’s outrageously scrumptious and worthy of an NBA star.”