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The Future Is in Your Hands



Thanks for your interest in and help with my one-year experiment in democracy. The experiment ended Nov. 6. The experiment and its analysis will result in a short e-book, perhaps titled The Run, the second in what I see as an e-book trilogy:

No. 1: The Call, the call for active involvement and participation;

No. 2: The Run, my one-year experiment in democracy;

No. 3: The Plan, what I would have tried to do had I been elected. This trilogy is designed as a guide and handbook for others who want to get involved in active democracy.

The campaign site,, has been archived for historical and research purposes. I will continue to use the same site for ongoing political commentary, critique, and input with an emphasis on Utah and energy/climate/environment issues and topics. So, please send me your comments, perspectives and critiques so I can consider them and perhaps include them in the e-books. Let me know if I might cite or acknowledge you for such input if it is used. If you have photos of the campaign in action (lawn signs, protests, honk and wave, etc.), please send them.

Thanks to all of you who participated and helped. For those who didn’t, I hope you become more involved in citizen politics in the near future. The future really is in your hands. Please run yourself or support candidates who work toward restoring our democracy, such as Bill Barron ( and Charles Kimball ( ). They will probably run again; I will not.

For now, express your voices and positions loudly and clearly to our new congressional delegation and state government. If enough of you speak up, you will be heard. Revelations do happen. It’s our ongoing job to help “engineer” revelations among those who need them the most.

Consider these words by Don Quixote: “Too much sanity may be madness—and the maddest of all—to see life as it is, and not as it ought to be.”

Citizen candidate for U.S. House, District 2
Salt Lake City