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The Good Guv


Last week’s announcement by Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. that he supports civil unions for gay and lesbian couples raised both eyebrows (of surprised Utah gays) and hackles (of creepy “save the children” homophobes). “The community needs to heal around this issue,” Huntsman said. “I’ve been in favor of the Common Ground Initiative because [the proposals] all make some sense. And this includes favoring civil unions. It’s time we try to bring people together instead of driving them farther apart” [“Governor Speed Demon,” Note From the Editor, Feb. 12, City Weekly].

Some are not convinced that the Guv’s statement was all that courageous, however. commenter “Ineffective” said, “As much as you can admire the Governor for doing this, it´s a fruitless gesture. Why? “Because House and Senate leaders revealed that Huntsman hasn´t even spoken to them about Common Ground. If this is a priority for Huntsman, the least he could do is engage the legislature on the issue before half the initiative goes up in flames!” Rant Control has to admit, this is a good point. Huntsman has a way of making us feel good by saying the right thing without risking too much political capital. This must be how he’s managed to amass such stellar approval ratings.