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The Hotel, Scallywags

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Ladies’ Night at The Hotel
The Hotel (155 W. 200 South) is one of the best entertainment venues in town, and with Elevate—a large concert and dance venue—directly next door, it maximizes the entertainment possibilities. The Hotel’s Opium Lounge, an all-white, upper-story experience, offers a unique addition to the club’s other dance floors and game levels. But Thursday nights, Ladies’ Night is reason enough for all the club levels to get excited; it’s hosted by Anida Phoumsayasy with sounds by DJ Juggy and DJ Dizz.

Saints & Sinners: Sea-Bound
Saints & Sinners shuttered its doors recently, but reopened at the end of September with a different theme. The new theme? Two words should give it away: “Ahoy, matey!” That’s right, it’s a smuggler’s cove of opportunity to make all the cheesy pirate jokes and innuendos you can think of at this new pirate bar, Scallywags (3040 S. State). Here are some seaworthy pickup lines from Club Matters’ Getting You Laid Department: “Yes, this is a pegleg, and, yes, I’m happy to see you.” Or: “I must be hunting for treasure, ’cuz I’m digging your chest.” If (on the rare chance) any of those should work, you’re welcome in advance.

A Bar Named Sue: Futurama
If you know what a Hypnofrog is, chances are you’ll do well during this Tuesday, Nov. 15, Geeks Who Drink quiz edition at A Bar Named Sue (3829 S. Highland Drive). If you aren’t a huge Futurama fan, there is still time to cram on old seasons for the trivia questions.

W Lounge: ’60s Through Now
Different decades will present ample ground for a collective of DJs—like locals Justin Godina and Sam Stinson, for instance—to play at W Lounge (358 S. West Temple) every Thursday. It might be the ’70s one week, or the ’80s or the ’90s the next. Dress era-appropriate for extra authenticity.




Pics from Wasted Space:
1. Chelsea Brisbay, Jared Prestar
2. Code Red, Josh Chamber
3. Scott Oei, Catherine Alub

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