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Diversify your bonds Friday nights



GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan once said, “You need to diversify your bonds” (“Wu-Tang Financial”), and for those of you who like a taste of everything and don’t mind getting a little sweaty in the process, then The Hotel/Club Elevate (155 W. 200 South) might be your thing. Every Friday, general manager Chad England hits you with a music trifecta: hip-hop sets in The Lobby, Latin Night in adjacent Elevate, and Hooked on House upstairs in The Opium Lounge. After diversifying, GZA was “makin’ stacks and drinkin’ ’gnac,” which could come true for you, too; or, at least, the result is the ability to Danzon, shuffle and Dougie all in the same night. The multifloored party place also offers up cheap drinks, hookahs and, yes, go-go dancers.


The gravitational force of his giant arm pulls in the women.
Eills Walters, Jonny Robb, Rene Woody


Ah, the ol’ fashioned reach around.
Alyssa Kriss, Bree Chatwin


LMFAO called. they want their … nevermind
Melissa Adamson, Sarah Wixon


Three reasons to check out the Opium Lounge
Melanie Maile, Aubree Alba, Taylor Rice

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