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The Living Planet Aquarium Penguin Encounter

Thursday, April 29



The Living Planet Aquarium may be tucked away in Sandy rather than in the middle of downtown Salt Lake City, but it’s hardly like it’s at the tip of South America. And that makes it a considerably easier way to see critters like those in the new Penguin Encounter exhibit.

Gentoo penguins—native to the Falkland Islands—are the latest residents of The Living Planet, and the exhibit offers a terrific up-closeand-personal opportunity for kids and adults; the birds often hang out right at the acrylic window, interacting curiously with spectators when it’s not feeding time. Laid out as a “research station,” the exhibit also offers plenty of educational information and hands-on activities to learn about the penguins.

If you haven’t been to The Living Planet in a while, this would also be a great opportunity to check out the Seahorse Symphony exhibit that opened in December. Who says there’s no diversity in the suburbs?

Penguin Encounter @ The Living Planet Aquarium, 725 E. 10600 South, Sandy, 801-355-3474, $7-$9.

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