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The Mormon Motive



The emerging Democratic view and strategy for going after Republican Mitt Romney in the upcoming presidential election is by claiming that his only commitment is to himself and the other filthy rich, and he doesn’t care about anything else—even his own Mormon church. The latter part is absolutely false.

Romney is a devout Mormon, and by far his greatest commitment, as with all “good” Mormons, is in promoting and furthering the dogma and agenda of the Mormon church by increasing its wealth, power and influence (primarily by increasing its membership)—leading to eventual world domination as the “one true church.”

Romney pretended to be a social moderate and progressive to win the governorship of Massachusetts. While Romney was governor, you never heard any criticism from the Mormon church leadership or members in Utah about his progressive policies, which are anathema to the Mormon church and its dogma and agenda. That’s because they knew he was faking it so he might later become “their” U.S. president. Romney publicly flip-flopping and routinely lying is just part of that end-justifies-the-means strategy to further Mormonism in the long run.

Mitt Romney does have a “core”: to promote the Mormon church and its dogma. The Mormon church and its leaders’ core is to maintain and increase the Mormon church’s wealth and power, so the 1 percent will have complete control over everything and everyone else.

Stuart McDonald
Salt Lake City