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The New Burger King

8 new items on the BK menu



Eight new items on the recently revamped Burger King menu:

8. Garden-Fresh Bacon, Ham, Pulled-Pork & Cheese Salad ($3.99)

7. BK Chef’s Choice Cheddar-Wrapped Cheddar Block ($2.99)

6. Chipotle Shrimp & B-12 Breakfast Burrito ($1.99)

5. Tropical Sausage-Mango Smoothie ($1.99)

4. Quad Whopper with Bucket O’ Fries & 80-Ounce Coke Heart-Smart Meal ($7.99)

3. Tendercrisp Sardine & Ranch Seafood-Delight Sandwich ($4.99)

2. Mushroom N’ Swiss Sundae ($1.99)

1. Honey-Mustard Crispy Grease-Trap Surprise Snack Wrap ($1)

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