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The Ocho | Fun David Archuleta Factoids



Eight fun factoids about Salt Lake City’s David Archuleta, 17-year-old American Idol favorite:

The song he sang last week, “Imagine,” was written by some old-time rock guy—like, Jon Bon Jovi or something.

7. He won Star Search when he was 12, and toured with the Muppet Babies in the early ’90s.

6. Archuleta’s nicknames include “The Soul Man From Utah,” “Archie” and “The Not-Gay Aiken.”

5. His inspiration to become a singer was Les Miserables. Still, not gay.

4. His performances have made Paula Abdul cry … as have direct light and The Inner Voices.

3. If you feed Archie after midnight, he becomes a Mogwai.

2. He was once treated for Sunny D dependency at the Cirque Lodge rehab center.

1. When Simon Cowell called Archuleta “the one to beat,” he meant physically.