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The Ocho | HSM3? MIA? OMG!



Eight ways Utahns are coping with the end of local High School Musical 3 filming:

8. Looking forward to spending $8 at the Megaplex to maybe see own feet.

7. Selling Zac Efron’s discarded Rogaine Foam cans on eBay.

6. Throwing viewing parties; syncing HSM1 and 2 to Dark Side of the Moon and The Chronic, respectively.

5. Contemplating remainder of career in Lifetime movies and auto shows (Ashley Tisdale only).

4. Dancing through the tears; popping, locking and breaking through the pain.

3. Auditioning for the next big Disney production: Massage Therapy School Musical.

2. Drinking Sea Breezes, reaffirming heterosexuality with bros at the sports bar.

1. Quitting state treasurer race to spend time comforting family.


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