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Eight hot new social networking sites to look for in 2011.


8. MySpaced: For people, bands and pedophiles who’ve forgotten their old MySpace account and login.

7. Knitter: For communicating in 140 characters or less with other hipsters who insist on wearing knit trapper hats year-round.

6. SweetSpirit: Dating site for over-30 LDS singles featuring no photo hosting, because it’s what’s inside that matters.

5. BlottoSpot: Video-sharing site to help blackout drunks piece together what happened after that 11th JagerBomb last night.

4. ApostropheNow: For illiterates who can’t distinguish between their and they’re, ’90s and 90’s, its and it’s, etc.

3. Bullchit: For unemployed hacks who’ve somehow become “social media gurus” and “SEO optimization consultants” overnight.

2. Friendster: Retro site for those who want to escape their parents, old classmates and bosses everywhere else.

1. Facialbook: You probably don’t want to know.


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