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The Ocho | Nixed SLAMMys 2008 Categories



Eight local-music categories inadvertently left off the 2008 SLAMMys readers’ ballot:

8. Best Five-Minute Banjo Solo Posing as a Bluegrass Song

7. Best Nondenominational Tabernacle Choir

6. Best MySpace Page Even Though Your Band Hates MySpace But Still Sends Out 86 Bulletins a Day

5. Best Adorable Rock Haircuts

4. Best Award of Kanye West’s Choice (To be given to Kanye West, as per Kayne West)

3. Best Acoustic Electronica

2. Best Jonas Brothers Tribute Band

1. Best Local-Music Radio Show Hosted by a Seth Rogan Impersonator (Projected winner: Circus Brown of KRCL’s Not a Sideshow)


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