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The Ocho | The Ocho’s 2nd Anniversary



Eight well-wishing messages received this week on the two-year anniversary of the launch of The Ocho:

“I told you it would never work.” (Former City Weekly Editor Ben Fulton)

7. “That will never work.” (Current City Weekly Editor Holly Mullen)

6. “Yeah … It’s not quite as funny now that I’m sober.” (Local Alcoholics Anonymous member)

5. “If you cut it down to four, we can use it in our new daily commuter paper.” (City Weekly marketing department)

4. “Mention me one more time and legal action will be taken.” (KUTV 2’s Cristina Flores)

3. “Legal action is already underway.” (David Letterman and CBS)

2. “Why don’t I ever get credit for The Ocho’s art? Why? Why?! You’re a monster!” (City Weekly art director Susan Kruithof)

1. ¡Usted no es incluso Mexicano! Pendejo! (Ask a Mexican columnist Gustavo Arellano)