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The Ocho | Utah Pride Festival 2008



Eight yet-to-be-confirmed performers and features at this weekend’s Utah Pride Festival 2008:
Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., sitting in on keyboards with classic rock band Johnny Sack & the Teabags.

7. Bears & Spares, Utah’s hairiest bowling league and freestyle Speedo dance troupe.

6. Dykes Against Tax Hikes, a LesboRepublican performance art collective.

5. Canadian comedy duo Adam & Steve, winners of the 2007 Saskatchewan Laugh-Off & Waxing Expo.

4. The hosts of ABC 4’s Good Things Utah, reading The Vagina Monologues.

3. The Buttars Bitches, a drag tribute to the life and times of Chris Buttars.

2. An exhibit featuring the fossilized remains of The Saliva Sisters.

1. A presentation for the launch of new local magazines Utah Groom & Groom, Wasatch Tranny and Salty Lesbians UnderGround.