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The Ocho

Eight film factoids about The Work and the Glory III: A House Divided, opening Nov. 22



8. It’s the conclusion to the most important Mormon Cinema trilogy since the Singles Ward/R.M./Home Teachers/Church Ball arc.


7.Plans for The Work and the Glory 3-D were scrapped when Ensign magazine declined to carry the glasses inserts.


6. The much-despised recurring character Jar-Jar Steed was written out of the script at the last minute.


5. Due to budget constraints, the film was shot entirely inside the Miller Motorsports Park.


4. Also, the Utah Jazz players and dancers in the backgrounds as extras are virtually unnoticeable.


3.The soundtrack CD includes the new hit single by Jericho Road, “Ooo Girl (Don’t Persecute Our Love).nn

2. The kids’ W:G:III combo meal at The Mayan includes a Joseph Smith action figure and an “Escape From Liberty Jail” place mat.


1.Local movie theaters will promote The Work and the Glory III as having “significantly less full-frontal male nudity than Borat.