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The Tap Room

Sugar House's subterranean brew cave



We all know that Utahns love a well-stocked underground bunker, so it comes as no surprise that the residents of Sugar House love their subterranean brew cave, The Tap Room (2275 S. Highland Drive, 801-466-0974). Though pretty damned small and slightly hidden, this lively neighborhood spot always has something good in the works. Every Saturday, there’s arguably the best karaoke in Sugar House, while Mondays and Thursdays offer up $1.50 mini draft steins. But the best night of the week at The Tap Room is Wednesday, where barflies are blessed with a double-header of Geeks Who Drink trivia and local favorite Meatloaf Day. If you’re not excited about the concept of meatloaf—the eating kind, not the Bat Out of Hell kind—know that this special event revolves around the owner, Dennis Chambers, and his exotic meatloaf, the main ingredient usually being meat from something he shot.


This is why we can’t have nice beards.

Brittany Smith, Chedder Warner, Dustin Dean


You can pry our martinis from our well-moisturized, manicured hands.
Sarah Pack, Anna Florin


Pretty sure they were singing “I’m Real” by J-Lo and Ja Rule.

Spencer Wolford, Katie Ainge


One lucky cheesehead.

Ben Howell, Paige Cowie