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The Two-Parent Rule



It was with great sadness that I read the cover story “Some Call It Kidnapping” [July 29, City Weekly]. My heart went out to these fathers who have fought so hard to raise their children. I myself became a birth mom four years ago. Although it was a decision I fought for eight weeks, I placed Micah for adoption. The father was given every chance, and had he wanted to raise the child, he could have. But he did not want the responsibility of raising a child, so I chose adoption.

I knew from Day 1 that Micah was not made for me and knew I would eventually place him for adoption. After exploring several adoption agencies, I choose an LDS agency, and to this day, I don’t regret it. At the time, I was a member of the church. Let me tell you, during my pregnancy and through the adoption, the worst pressure I ever experienced in my life was from the members who told me, time and time again, “This child needs to have two parents. It is much healthier for him.”

But, in reading this article, I wonder how many of the lawmakers passing these laws are members of the church and, while doing nothing illegal, they have become “morally” wrong in passing laws that are in agreement with the LDS Church’s belief that a child should have two parents. It’s just too circumstantial that Utah’s laws are in thinly veiled agreement with the church. The “separation between church and state” is a very fine line here.

I’m not putting down the LDS adoption services, but I do believe the laws concerning adoption needs to be seriously overhauled. Larry Jenkins needs to be brought to task for being so biased, and the fathers need to stand up and fight this “kidnapping.”

Christine Lambert
Salt Lake City