The Utah Jazz season ended May 10. What’s the silver lining? | Staff Box | Salt Lake City | Salt Lake City Weekly
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The Utah Jazz season ended May 10. What’s the silver lining?



Nick Clark: It may have been Carlos Boozer’s final game in a Jazz uniform.

Scott Renshaw: Unseasonably chilly spring evenings can be warmed up by a toasty bonfire of Carlos Boozer jerseys.

Jesse Fruhwirth: All silver linings could be tarnished if I no longer to get to delight in the irony of teetotaling Mormon Utahns cheering for a guy named “Boozer.”

Marty Foy: People will shut up about it on Facebook and turn their attention to more important things, like the “I Survived the Utah Earthquake of April 15, 2010” group.

Lia Pretorius: Sloan didn’t break his careerlong almost-winning streak. Always the bridesmaid and never the bride.

Lindsay Fenton: That the Lakers won. Gotta represent my hometown. GO L.A.! Jazz fans, do you want to borrow my broom? I’d also like to take this opportunity to confess my unnatural affinity for Luke Walton.

Dan Nailen: Anticipating all the Boozer haters wondering why the Jazz are 10 games worse next season when they lose in the first round. If they make the playoffs at all.

Christopher Westergard: Now there will be no fans parking in my neighborhood and less traffic when I attempt to leave my house. So irritating. Plus, now I can go to Crown Burger without dealing with the Jazz parking situation.

Ted Scheffler: The Jazz’s season is over? Did they win? Those Stockton and Malone guys are great!

Rachel Hanson: The fairweather Jazz fans go into hiding for another 10 months until the team makes the playoffs. I also get a break from my many acquaintances gifted with the ability to see the future, who I hope will soon get tired of bragging that they knew the Jazz were going to lose.

Josh Loftin: With the Jazz season finished, we can now focus on the upcoming Utah State football season. Because that’s the only other game in town, right?