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The Way It Is

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The newest Harry Potter book is hitting the shelves of local bookstores, oh, oh my. And thousands of little kiddies are rushing the counters for their very own copy. But is reading good, period? Are any books in the hands of our children better than none? City Weekly asked Alyana Desouza, an art student at the University of Utah, if she thought bad books are better than no books at all?

I think it’s good to get kids into reading. I read somewhere that in England, where lots of kids read, there are fewer accidents. They can’t fall down if they are reading. But fantasy doesn’t do a lot of things. It doesn’t really deal with the real world. Not that literature’s purpose is just to deal with “real” issues. In some ways, literature can be a refuge. Some writers speak to you and make you feel that you’re not so alone; there are other people in the world who see things like you.

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