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The World Before Your Feet

Rated NR 95 minutes 2018

★★★★★ ★★★★★
There’s nothing I find more compelling than people’s quirky obsessions, so it’s likely I couldn’t be more of the in-the-tank target audience for Jeremy Workman’s profile of Matt Green, a 30-something former civil engineer who has spent several years methodically walking through the 8,000+ miles of New York City’s neighborhood streets, public parks and beaches. Workman spends just the right amount of time on the logistics of Green’s project—couch-surfing and cat-sitting his way through the city without a permanent address or full-time job; the possible inspiration for his pedestrian journyes; the impact on his personal relationships—so that he can focus on what Green encounters over the course of his street-level interaction with the Big Apple. Some of that comes in the form of facts he learns about places he passes, or curious details he chronicles (like synagogues-turned-churches in once-predominantly Jewish neighborhoods). Mostly, though, there are the connections he makes with other people simply by virtue of taking the time to walk through the places where they live, and encounter them individually. It’s a simple but powerful portrait of a life dedicated to the discovery that’s possible everywhere.

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Director: Jeremy Workman

Producer: Jeremy Workman and Jesse Eisenberg

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