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The Wrath of Con

Eight least-anticipated panels at this weekend's Salt Lake Comic Con.


8. “An Inconvenient Lasso of Truth: Why So Few Male Roles in Wonder Woman?”
7. “Nothing to See Here: Just a Roomful of Chairs to Rest Your Feet After a Full Day of Walking Around in Elf Shoes”
6. “The Valiant Shroods of Castle Warmlia: A Thing We Just Made Up, or What?”
5. “SLCC After Dark: The Kinky Side of We’re Lalaloopsy”
4. “Writers Roundtable: Choosing the Right Paper- Shredder for Your Screenplay”
3. “Cosplay Tips: How Much Cleavage is Not Enough Cleavage?”
2. “Geek Podcasting 101: For the Love of God, Please Don’t Start Another Geek Podcast”
1. “Marvel vs. DC: So You’ve Wasted Your Life on This—Now What?”