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Thermite Makes Right



City Weekly’s Aug. 20 cover story “We All Fall Down,” about professor Steven Jones, whose theories about 9/11 got him released from his faculty position at Brigham Young University (so much for academic freedom) elicited much response from Utah’s tin-foil hat community, of which Rant Control is a member.

Rant Control thinks it’s perfectly obvious that the World Trade Center was brought down by the Saudis at the behest of their U.S. cronies in order to justify pre-emptive neocon Middle East policies. The fact that so few see this is either evidence of mind control or (more likely) an elaborate joke designed to drive Rant Control up a wall.

As commenter Rishut wrote: “Bravo, Dr. Jones, a man who seeks the truth and finds it in the thermite evidence. Here is a man who was offered grant (bribe) money to keep his evidence from going public and threatened in e-mails. In my opinion, Dr. Jones is a class act; we need more people like him. Many people in Washington, D.C., have this informaton in their hands. My question is: What are they going to do about it? We’re talking about treason here, folks—plain and simple.”

There were comments from many more truth-seekers, but Rant Control will have to finish this item here, since black helicopters are landing on the roof right now. If escape proves impossible, please look for this column next week in The Guantanamo Weekly Shrieker.