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Think Positive



I’ve been reading the Letters column for several weeks now, and find it the best part of your paper, City Weekly. Your printing of an inmate’s letter [“Inmates Are a Part of Society,” June 13, City Weekly] gets a five-star rating from me. It takes courage and gumption to recognize this part of our society.

As far as the content of his letter goes, however, it leaves much to be desired in attitude. I can recognize that jail is a miserable place to waste away one’s time. Still, based on his initial observation, he will be one of the 95 percent who ends up being released. A positive attitude can help him avoid the recidivism he also mentions.

The author’s focus on programs within the jail system is noted, though. I do agree with him on that issue. I’ve seen the inside of jail walls and know how helpful programs can be in giving inmates a moral compass to steer by.