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This Is Your Conscience Talking

How to assess whether a product or services meets with your personal green standards.


For consumers and businesses, now more than ever, “sustainability” means making the best decisions for the Earth. Some companies are making the switch of their own volition; many, however, have to be cajoled into going there.

Bridget Stuchly, outreach coordinator for the e2 Business Program, says that consumers are driving businesses toward sustainable practices. The e2 Business Program’s business consultations—provided at no charge by the city government and Salt Lake City Green—can give businesses a roadmap to sustainability.

When making a purchasing decision, Stuchly says it’s important to ask yourself questions—conducting a mental life-cycle analysis—to assess whether a product or services meets with your personal green standards:


• Do I really need this?

• Where does this product/service come from?

• Are the ingredients used in this product eco-friendly, in regard to energy use, water use, waste production/disposal, purchasing practices, transportation use, internal operations and corporate culture?

• Is the business utilizing as many available local resources as possible?

• What am I going to do when I’m finished with the product? Can it be reused?

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