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Tidings of Food Cheer

A gift-giving guide for that special foodie on your nice list.


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Shopping for a foodie usually isn't the toughest thing in the world. Nine times out of ten, you can get by with a gift made from a tube of cookie dough and a six pack of local beer. Or one of those gigantic popcorn tins with three different flavors—that's always a hit. Hell, you give me a gift card to Chuck-a-Rama and I'm going to give you a hearty slap on the ass as a thank-you. But, we know that the average City Weekly reader is a shopper of a more discerning nature and someone who is looking to make a splash this year. So strap yourself in—we've plenty of great gift ideas for that foodie in your life. And if that happens to be you, just get them all for yourself! We won't tell anyone.

For the Beer Nerd
A Brewery Tour from City Brew Tours,
City Brew Tours is all about beer education and appreciation, so if you've got yourself a buddy that geeks out about everything brewed, malted, hopped and drunk, they're gonna dig this one a lot. Depending on the package you sign up for, a group can visit up to four local breweries, and each visit comes with a flight of local beer prepared special for the occasion. You'll also be whisked away to a nearby local restaurant which will offer great seats and a meal designed to pair specifically with the breweries you've visited beforehand. Tours include backstage access to the exciting process of craft brewing.

For the Bookworm
The Best American Food Writing 2022 by Sohla El-Waylly and Silvia Killingsworth,
If you happen to have a buddy that likes to feast with their minds as well as their mouths, this annual anthology is a perfect stocking stuffer. Every year, the publication selects a guest editor who laboriously hunts for the most important pieces of food writing, criticism or journalism that were produced over the past year. This year the anthology was assembled by Chef Sohla El-Waylly, a chef, restaurateur and YouTube personality. If you know anyone who enjoys reading about food and dining or likes to keep on-trend with the culinary world, this book will make them light right up.

For the Hopeless Sweet Tooth
The Christmas Tidings Box at See's Candies,
Those friends who simply can't help themselves around a box of chocolates need special care. With so many waxy, sticky and downright low-quality boxes of chocolates that make the rounds during the holidays, you owe it to everyone to get that candy fan on your list The Christmas Tidings Box at a See's Candies near you. From the festive box to the variety of brittles, nougats, cremes and truffles, this is enough to keep the candy fan in your life from wasting any time on that grocery store garbage. See's also makes it easy to up- or down-size your order with their multitude of boxed options that it would be easy to customize this gift as needed.

For the Chef-in-Training
Classes at the Park City Culinary Institute,
If you've got a pal that loves to expand their cooking techniques but isn't looking to quit their day job, then you've got to check out the recreational cooking classes at the Park City Culinary Institute. These classes cover everything from Christmas cookies to Thai street food, and some of them even add beer to the mix—for students 21 and over, of course. Classes are reasonably priced and have enough variety to catch even the most discerning of wannabe chef's attention.

For the Charcuterie Lover
Harvest and Honey Co.,
The charcuterie board has officially taken its place as a holiday staple, and thanks to Harvest and Honey Co., you have the power to distribute these meat masterpieces to your friends and family. Harvest and Honey whips up made-to-order charcuterie boards featuring cured meats, dried fruit, cheese, crackers and spreads that serve one to eight hungry people. I get that creating charcuterie boards has become a hobby to many holiday merrymakers, but trust me when I say this is something that must be left to the professionals. Give them a peep on Instagram (@harvestandhoneyco) to see what I'm talking about.

For the Grillmaster on the Go
Portable Grills from Traeger,

If you've got an outdoors-lover on your gift list and they don't already have a portable meat grilling device, then look no further than Traeger grills. Their Tailgater grill is ideal for those whose outdoor adventures don't go any further than Rice-Eccles Stadium during football season. But the Ranger is nice for folks who like to get a little wild and head off the grid for a few days. Traeger's grills are among the best you can get on the market, and the portable range is where the brand's quality and durability really shine.