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Tight Bytes



Bill Frost is on vacation. Since he’s the head honcho for The Ocho and I’m looking to cut corners—while simultaneously padding a word count as a fill-in for Frost Bytes—here’s The Quatro on how you can park, drink, watch the Bees and/or a movie for next to nothing. Or nothing:

Tuesday nights at Brewvies is Uinta Night. On the drinking side of life, this means liters of Uinta beer are $4.25 and pints are $2.75. That may not be free, but add this for the cost of your movie: Zero. And now you’re talking real savings. Not all showings are free, just the late movie. Make a night of it by showing up for free pool before 5 p.m., discounted beer and a free movie, and you’ll wonder how the new management is going to keep this place in business. Brewvies is kind of like that old Ginsu Knives commercial: “But wait! There’s more!” Now, they have pizza and soon they’ll have a new menu.

Beta Epsilon Epsilon rules! Like peanut butter and chocolate, the Salt Lake Bees have discovered two great things that go together: College-age kids and alcohol. There are still two nights where you can take advantage of the Salt Lake Bees’ “Thirsty Thursday” promotion. On Aug. 16 and Aug. 30, beverages are $2.50 and, if you bring your college ID—or favorite college student—tickets are two-for-one. Since the average age of, say, a Utah State University first-year student is approximately 18.6, please choose wisely on Thursday whom you bring to the frat park. I mean ballpark.

Lisa said, “This year’s Gallivan Twilight Concert Series has been the best.” I said, “That’s because this year it was like they invited your iPod.” Then, like Yogi Berra once said, “Nobody goes there. It’s too crowded.” It’s true, especially with only two more Thursday-night concerts—Michael Franti and Calexico—remaining. The Gallivan Center and downtown is so jam-packed, why would anyone attend excellent concerts that are free? Oh, yeah—because they’re free.

The concerts may be free but, if you don’t ride your bike or take TRAX, parking is a nightmare on Main Street. However, life can be a game and getting a spot close to the Gallivan Center can be like landing on Free Parking in Monopoly. Between 100 and 200 South on Main, up and down State Street, West Temple and other roads surrounding the Gallivan Center are signs which read “30 minute parking 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Freight License Required.” It would seem obvious, especially with the “Public Parking All Other Hours,” that you could park there at “all other hours.” Obvious is only obvious to the observant. One of these spots has been available every Thursday night. Some people observe religion. Others observe parking.