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Time for a Clean Sweep



Dear Gov. Herbert:

I must express my concern with your treatment of the voters/citizens of Utah.
First, you deny us the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid, which I get because that’s a Republican/Obama thing.

However, your plan to spend more than $2 million (and it will be more than you guess) and funnel the money to a law firm in Idaho crosses the line!

Not only do you admit by doing so that your Attorney General’s Office is incapable of defending Amendment 3, but you also insult every lawyer in Utah and rob the people of $2 million, without any of it flowing back to the economy of Utah. Your blatant disregard for the taxpayers of Utah is disgusting.

It’s time the voters in Utah realize that the Republicans do not have any idea of how to govern. They must all be replaced—from you, governor, to every elected and appointed official that is a Republican in the image of you, Swallow or Shurtleff.

Mike Picardi
Salt Lake City

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