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Titanic Factoids

8 little-known factoids about the Titanic



Eight little-known factoids about the Titanic, which sank 100 years ago this week:

8. The 1998 CBS sitcom Titanic Friends, about six attractive survivors who hang out in a coffee shop, was canceled after two airings.

7. The ship’s cargo mostly consisted of baggage, food items and Orrin Hatch campaign materials.

6. The last song played by the Titanic band was “I’m Sinking & I Know It,” later adapted and covered by LMFAO.

5. Titanic’s nearly identical sister ship, Olympic, sailed for 24 years, and nobody made a big deal about her.

4. The 2010 direct-to-DVD movie Titanic II was better than Speed 2: Cruise Control.

3. But still not as poignant as 1992’s Captain Ron.

2. The Titanic had a secretary named Hindenburg; the Hindenburg had a secretary named Titanic.

1. Though irretrievable from the ocean floor, the sunken ship is now home to a successful Krusty Krab franchise restaurant.

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