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I can understand a Top 20, or even a Top 30, but in our limited culinary scene, I can’t imagine 100 restaurants being absolutely remarkable [“Dining Guide,” Oct. 14, City Weekly]. So if you needed a gimmicky number, why not go with Ted’s Top 50? Or better yet, Ted’s Top 10? Watering down your newspaper to promote restaurants hoping to be called “mediocre” at best, is a little insulting for the few of us who actually like to eat good food and know the difference between good and bad—for example, everyone knows The Pie is better than Este any day of the week.

But that’s not the most disappointing part. Although I understand taste is an opinion, I can’t help wondering why my favorite restaurant, Epic in Midvale, didn’t get mentioned while a tasteless joint surviving on hype, such as The Bayleaf Café, gets top ratings. Really? So we only like restaurants if we can look at skyscrapers while we’re eating? Yeah, let’s go with a top 10 next year.

Maria Condor

South Salt Lake

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