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Total Recount

Eight more recount campaigns to come from Jill Stein:


8. Fifty Shades Darker (“Even with a box of wine, that number seems high.”)
7. The Best Metal Performance 2017 Grammy nominations (“Korn? Seriously?”)
6. The implausibility of 100-percent renewable energy (“We can achieve at least 150 percent … because … it renews … right?”)
5. The number of planets in the solar system (“There’s no ‘Mars.’ The rescue of Matt Damon was staged!”)
4. Taco Bell’s 7-Layer Burrito (“Don’t ask how I know … Just light a match before you go in there.”)
3. The pop duo Twenty One Pilots (“Nineteen American Pilots are unaccounted for!”)
2. City Weekly’s Best of Utah 2016 (“Some of these categories sound totally made-up.”)
1. Her own presidential election results (“One percent? No way. Have you heard me?”)