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Trains & Graves


FrontRunner wants to build a train station atop what may be an ancient burial site. How would you feel if your grandpa were down there?

Kathy Mueller: I can feel the single tear running down my face already.

Ted Scheffler: Before they start building on burial sites, I’d like to see UTA get its FrontRunner ticket machines working.

Nick Clark: I would feel more secure, actually. It’s difficult to take grandpa’s burial artifacts when he’s protected by a twolane railroad track. They’d just better blow the whistle when they drive over him.

Jamie Gadette: Whoa. Bad idea. Haven’t these planners ever seen a horror movie?

Derek Jones: Shouldn’t the question be “how would Grandpa feel?” All I can say is, if he were down there, FrontRunner should be ready for a Jack Mormon, gunslingin’, wine-drinkin’ ghost ready to avenge the desecration of his grave.

Brandon Burt: It’s an unwise plan: UTA is already haunted by Draper residents who believe public transportation is Stalinism; it would do well to avoid angering other groups, living or dead.

Jesse Fruhwirth: My grandfathers benefited from a genocide committed against the decedents of the bodies in question. So, although I wouldn’t care if they moved my grandfathers’ bodies, I don’t expect everyone to feel the same way.

Jeff Reese: Wow, I knew we were rough on the Native Americans, but I didn’t know we were that blatantly disrespectful of their religious beliefs. Would we build a railroad over one of our cemeteries?